During the two-week retreat, the majority of the time will be spent in the holy city of Najaf. There will also be short trips (1-2 nights) to Karbala, Khathmiya and Samarra. The final itinerary will be confirmed a few weeks prior to the start of the retreat, and you will be provided with a detailed timetable on arrival.

The retreat will be filled with lectures, discussions and courses, meetings with high-ranking scholars, and visits to holy shrines and other major heritage sites.

The course predominantly will be in Arabic, but will be translated in English.

A typical day will start at around 8am with breakfast and conclude around 9pm with dinner. You will be expected to follow the day to day schedule. Time will be allocated for shopping and ziyarah. Please note we expect you to be punctual and ready every morning.

Specific times for ziyarah have been allocated during the trip.

Behaviour and Attitude

  • Observing the laws of Islam
  •  Observing the laws and customs of Iraq
  •  Observing the rules and regulations of the retreat
  • Being eager and willing to learn and improve spiritually, educationally, and personally
  • Striving to be a role model for others
  • Being cordial, patient, and respectful with the organisers and supervisors
  • Taking a keen part in all programmes, including asking questions and taking notes
  • Being punctual at all times
  • Representing yourself, your family, community, and organizers in the best way possible
  • Not leaving the premises or any activity without permission.

You must observe Islamic attire, maintaining modesty and respect towards the customs of the holy cities we are visiting.

Yes, the Terms and Conditions of the course form part of your application. Please note that you cannot apply for the course without formally accepting to abide by these. In addition, the accommodation has its own rules; you will be briefed on these upon arrival. These rules must also be adhered to. The Najaf Hawza’s own specific traditions and culture must be respected as well.


While in Najaf, you will be staying in the Allawi Howza’s accommodation. During trips to the other Holy cities you will staying at various hotels. In all the accommodations throughout the trip, boys and girls will be segregated.

Western toilets will be available in the accommodations.

Washing facilities will be provided; you will be expected to wash your own clothes.

It is your responsibility to look after all your belongings. We recommend that you don’t bring valuable items with you. Please note that the organisers will not be held responsible for any items that are lost or stolen.

The food will be provided by the organisers throughout the trip and will generally be Iraqi cuisine. Please inform organisers of any dietary requirements at the time of applying.

Yes – bottled water will be provided throughout the trip.

The organising team will look after you and can arrange for you to see a doctor if necessary. You must bring your own personal medication with you. We recommend that you take out travel and health insurance for the duration of the trip.

Miscellaneous Questions

Your food, transport, and accommodations are covered in the fee. You should decide how much money to bring based on the shopping you plan to do. Shopping and extra luggage charges etc. are not covered in the fee. We recommend bringing around $300. If necessary, you can ask to borrow some money from the organisers, you will be expected to pay this back in full after the trip.

If you have any further questions, please email us at admin@najafretreat.org